Variety has been the spice of my life!

Live, Laugh, Love

I'm Jaime Legagneur--an almost Florida native with ties to North Carolina, Louisiana, and Virginia, as well.


My favorite things in the world are:

On my site, you'll find out about me, my experience (both in life and professionally), my skills/talents, and find tons of ways to connect with me.

Thanks for visiting, and have a blessed day!

I am definitely a girl who hasn't been afraid of adventure; and, being employed since the age of 15, I've certainly had my fair share of opportunity.  I have had the fun pleasure of working:

  • In high school at an ice cream shop
  • With kids as a: Babysitter, Preschool Teacher's Assitant, and Camp Counselor
  • With college students as a: Professor's Assistant, Tutor
  • In college as a: Manager of Security,  Gogo Dancer (clothes ON, people!) / Dance Manager, Emergency Medical Technician, Promoter
  • After college as a: Financial Analyst, Database Analyst / Report Writer

I have also held plenty of non-paying roles, such as:

  • Fitness Blogger / Health Coach
  • Youth Mentor
  • Web Designer
  • Social Media Strategist (the precursor to my company, Flint Stone Media, LLC)

I now own my own marketing company, Flint Stone Media, LLC, have incredible clients, and produce a podcast (such as Curve the Cube, where I Interview people pursuing their dreams)!!

Also, I've made it a point to travel any way I can.  So, for college, I ventured out to New Orleans, LA and attended Tulane University.  However, no one would ever accuse me of choosing to move to Charlottesville, VA for a crazy life experience!  I just went because it was a top 10 law school.  And, I've also been to a variety of other countries, from Haiti to Germany.


I've certainly "been there; done that," as they say.  And, that has enriched me enough to know exactly who I am today: a lover of life, good people, and anything weird!